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Affordable online visibility for small companies and startups

Online visibility is the living story of your brand and the best marketing tool to promote your business.

As most small companies, you probably can’t afford the time, competency or usual costs for the digital stuff.

We are here to help! We know the specificity of small companies and accompany you in a very personal way to suit the needs of your business. We deliver all in one online solutions, bundled with visual identity, social media and emails.

Our websites are designed to express the uniqueness of who you are. Most importantly, they are optimised, responsive and high ranking.


Branding & visual identity: logo, business card, brochure, stationery, email signature
Showcase website
Intranet, membership site, forum
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube
Digital marketing
SEO audit
Online reputation assessment


Free emails
Facebook & Google Ads, PPC
Airbnb,, TripAdvisor
Google Map
Online booking
Online payment
Online event management
Learning management system
ERP integration

Tailor made

Customised approach
Value for money
Great design
Optimised for performance
Responsive and mobile ready
Access to back end
Technical assistance

High performance design

As beautiful as it may be, a website is worth little unless it is fast and visible to those searching for you online. A website must not only be elegant and user friendly, but also optimised and promoted in order to rank better than your competitors.

That is why we focus not only on beauty but on performance. We also maintain your online channels to keep them alive so that you can focus on your activity while we take care of the rest.

Homemade personalised approach

Digits is a dedicated digital agency made of passionate geeks, with 10 years of expertise in web and digital marketing.

Since your story is unique, we accompany you in a very personalised and fun way. We translate geek into human words, share the love and together see the online expansion of your business become live.

We take very few projects at a time so that we can focus on what you want and deliver high quality work. We are agile and always seek to provide you with the simplest and most cost effective solution. Why? Because, as an SME, we too know what the bottom line means. Like you, we enjoy work-life balance so we make sure our work is done fast and delivered spotless.

See for yourself

In / Facebook / Google Plus & Map / Online booking / Online event management / SEO / Showcase website / Trip Advisor / Web

Scarreef Lodge

In Facebook / Google Plus & Map / Instagram / Linkedin / SEO / Showcase website / Social Media / Web / Youtube

Water Expeditions

In Branding / SEO / Showcase website / Web

My NuLife

In Branding / SEO / Showcase website / Web

Eat The Rainbow

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